Boston Hack Day Challenge: cool apps, total fun

A Monday add: Here areĀ the winners of the Boston Hack Day Challenge. And here’s some neat video. (And yeah, that’s me explaining Recycled Bargain Finder.)

It’s Sunday and we’re having a blast at the Boston Hack Day Challenge. #bostonhack on Twitter. Pix on Flickr.

It’s a fun hackathon competition (with emphasis on fun) whose goal is to create apps that make life better for Bostonians. Is it fun? Yeah, absolutely.

I’m on a three-person team, working with Annie Shreffler and Kate Geyer working to create the Recycled Bargain Finder. Our app connects people looking for yard sales, thrift shop sales etc in a geographic area with those who are hosting sales. That’s the idea anyways. ;-)

Kate is our coder; Annie and I have been doing some HTML and designing the pages. We think this is an app could find a real life home someplace, say on We’ll see.I haven’t really done a hackathon before — I’m just learning to code — but the work & atmosphere is exhilarating.

I was all jazzed up when I got home last night and had trouble calming down. Anyways, we really like our app so far. There’s about 150 people competing here, in about 20+ teams. Incredibly interesting people. The event is sponsored by, with Hacks Hackers Boston as a partner.

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